Phone numbers

Important Telephone Numbers:

International country code for Croatia 385
Ambulance 112
Fire brigade 112
Police 112
Roadside vehicle assistance 987 (if calling from abroad or by mobile phone, call +385 1 987)
National Search and Rescue Centre 9155
A single countrywide number for all emergency situations 112
General information 981
Information on local and inter city telephone numbers 988
Information on international telephone numbers 902
Weather forecast and road conditions 060 520 520
Croatia Airlines 062 777 777
Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) +385 1 4640 800
Croatian National Tourist Board +385 1 4699 333


Croatian Angels (a single telephone number throughout Croatia from which tourist information can be obtained, available in Croatian, English, German and Italian) – 062 999 999

Mobile operators in Croatia:

T-Mobile Croatia (prefixes +38598, +38599);

T-mobile is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia, serving more than 1.3 million fixed lines, nearly 2.5 million mobile subscribers. The basic activities T-mobile  and other subsidiary companies comprise provision of telecommunications services, design and construction of telecommunications networks in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.


Vipnet (prefix +38591);

Vipnet is the first private mobile network operator in Croatia, a part of the Telekom Austria Group and a strategic partner of Vodafone, the leading mobile operator. Vipnet  is the first and only operator that has made available, in all areas of Crotia , the complete 5-play service, which includes Vip TV,  mobile and fixed telephony, as well as mobile and fixed Internet.


Tele2 (prefix +38595);

Tele2  is a major European telecommunications operator, with about 15 million customers in 10 countries. It serves as a fixed-line telephone operator, cable and Digital television provider, mobile phone operator and Internet service provider. In Croatia, Tele2 operates a 3G network. As of May 2012, it has 722,000 customers.