Nature & Outdoors

Croatia is a Mediterranean country, ideal for relaxation. Although one of the smallest countries in Europe, is characterized by a wide diversity region of mountains and valleys to the coast and islands. With an average of  2,600 hours per year, the Adriatic coast is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean, the sea temperature in summer is 25 ° C. It has unspoiled nature and has eight national parks with ancient forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, pristine beauty, as well as numerous protected areas, landscapes and reserves.

The Mediterranean coastline is jagged, full of islands and reefs, romantic coves and beaches and is an ideal place for a date with nature.

The total length of the coast of Croatia, which comes with the Adriatic Sea is 6278 km, has 1,244 islands of which 50 are inhabited. Exceptional location, beautiful sea, jagged coastline and natural beauty, cultural heritage, makes Croatia a very popular tourist destination that annually visited by more than 11 million foreign tourists.

Croatia is one amazing country.  You will be impressed by its cleanliness, friendly people, and pristine nature.  There so many nature parks  throughout the country.  One in particular was Plitvice National Park .  With its emerald green water, lush green vegetation, and spectacular waterfalls, there is no wonder it’s the most popular. Make sure to visit the old towns in Zadar, Trogir, and Omis along the coast where you can see what the rest of the country is known for its sand-less beaches and its small towns adorned with the iconic orange roofs.

Croatia is definitely a place where everyone can find a place to rest. Experience the beauty of the Adriatic coast, enjoy the crystal clear sea, mild climate, ancient cities and unspoiled nature.