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Canyoning is an adventure activity in which you can travel through canyons located in the foothills of mountains, through fascinating and untouched nature, by overcoming natural obstacles such as waterfalls, cascades, and natural pools. Turquoise green water, incredible waterfalls, narrow passages, vertical cliffs, a variety of shapes of stone formations and walls sculpted by water over the years, the diversity of the plant and animal life, provide a truly aesthetic experience which makes this sport unique, attractive and enjoyable. Adventure Canyoning trip is the most adventurous trip you can get in Croatia! You can go to the canyoning in spectacular Croatian canyons Badnjevica, Cetina and Vražji prolaz. Explore them by swimming through natural pools with crystal clear water. Walk, swim and float through fantastic world of stone shapes, rapids and waterfalls.

Split-The Cetina River

Split-The Cetina River in Croatia has been flowing through the canyon for 1000’s of years, carving magical shapes into the river bed. The river is crystal clear and a joy to swim in, a great way of interacting with Croatian nature . In case you want more excitement and adrenaline, you can abseil (rappell) down the biggest waterfall on the Cetina River.

Bungee Jumping

Zadar- Maslenica Bridge is the highest bungee jump in Croatia and offers the visitors amazing views and high adrenaline jumps. The bridge was originally built in 1961 and was damaged by heavy traffic and poor maintenance. It was reconstructed in 2005. As it is located on a narrow passage of the Adriatic Sea over a beautiful valley, the scenery is perfect as your falling down.


Rafting is a discipline for adventurers. Requires physical strength, will and skill down the wild river. Upon instructions of the skipper who will be on how, when and how hard you need to paddle, when you have a firm hold, you will experience an adventure tour that will stay in your memory for long time.

Rafting on the Cetina

Rafting on the Cetina river is the most popular and most attended adventurous trip in Dalmatia. Rafting in the protected area of the river canyon attracts many tourists every summer. The quiet parts of the river and the second and third grade rapids enable a three hour combination of adventure and relaxation in the amazing Cetina river canyon.

Una River Rafting

Una river will steal your heart with her virgin beauty, green clear water and a landscape of dense forests. Strbacki Buk Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in this part of Europe (18m) and our Una rafting trip starts right belowe it.

In Croatia you can also go to rafting on following the river: Dobra River, Kupa River, Mreznica River, Korana River…


Who once tried to fly with paraglider, he has become part of his life. A high percentage of adrenaline and amazing scenes of land that only from the air you recognize, just one of the reasons to try this sport.

Vis island

Vis island is the only croatian island with registrated starting point for paragliding. Town of Komiza and highest peak Hum (587 m) with the Mediterranean climate allows 200 days suitable for flying. You can fly for hours over Vis and Komiža, over the sea and along the rocky cliffs. Lifting in thermal streams of higher levels and achieving higher altitudes by means of floating play-out swirl comprise wide enough para-range for experienced visiting pilots.

You can also enjoy in flyinf from Vidova Gora on island Brac, and land on the famuos beach Zlatni rat, baut because the sea brezze and wind can be strong in the middle of the day we reccomend that you fly only in the morning hours.

Because of its unique location at the mouth of the river Cetina and under steep cliffs, Omis wind is always blowing. Paragliding is already rooted in Omis and is one of the most popular extreme sports in the mouth of the river Cetina. The starting point is a grassy slope Dinara, at an altitude of 380 feet, ten-minute walk from the village Čečuci. The safest and most landing site is a public beach. Because of the abundance of wind, Paragliders often stay in the air for several hours.

Registered courts for flying in Croatia are : GREDA Dalmacija, IVANČICA Hrvatsko zagorje, BRGUD Istra, KALNIK – Poletište Rampa Prigorje, KALNIK – Poletište Zapad Prigorje, JAPETIĆ Žumberak, MALI KALNIK Prigorje, LIČ Gorski kotar, Biokovo: PRŽINOVAC Dalmacija, PLIŠ Slavonija, RAVNA GORA JUG Hrvatsko zagorje, RAVNA GORA SJEVER Hrvatsko zagorje, RASPADALICA Istra, SLJEME „Glistin start” Zagorje, UČKA Istra, Bjelopolje Lika, Letjelište „Hum“ otok Vis.